Local experience

Welcome to the day to day affairs of the East of Amsterdam. The {Javaquarter} is a beautiful representative of the culturally diverse and vibrant city of Amsterdam. It houses many little shops, restaurants, street food stores and bars, mostly family owned businesses.

Whether you are staying in the area, or just visiting for a day to escape the crowded city center, the {Javaquarter} is a place where you can experience the wide range of tastes, cultures and vibes of Amsterdam daily life. This website is your local guide.

Food & Drinks

Foto’s © Pavel Ananich

If you are staying in the East of Amsterdam, be sure to take advantage of the diverse and high quality food supply in the neighborhood. Here, away from the city center, you can get a taste of ‘the real Amsterdam’ with options ranging from typical Dutch herring to fresh falafel. The local character of the shops offer a wide range of possibilities suited for every budget. Look no further for extensive {breakfast}, {lunch} or {dinner}. And in case you’re staying in an Airbnb or hostel, there are tons of {streetfood} joints and of course many options for {takeaway} and {grocery shopping}, for a home cooked meal. Below you will find links to our directory of establishments for:

{Javaquarter} also houses a wide range of bars and cafes, many of which have nice terraces out on the sidewalks. Whether you’re looking to get a coffee or tea, a local beer or a fancy cocktail, {Javaquarter} will serve you right. In the {Javastraat} you will also find a night shop selling liquor, beers, tobacco and snacks, open till 3 am and there’s another one in the {Niasstraat}, open till 1 am.

The {Javaquarter} is one of the, if not the most multicultural neighborhood of Amsterdam. This translates to great diversity in the local food offer. Our search engine can filter results from our directory based on ethnic background. Find links to the different cuisines below:

Our website doesn’t include chains, but as a tourist some of these might be of your interest. Like the FEBO, famous for their ‘snack wall’ where you can pull mostly deep fried snacks and burgers from little compartments in the wall.

Jenever Distillery ’t Nieuwe Diep, located in the {Flevopark} just out of the {Javaquarter}, serves many unique and home distilled jenevers out of a beautiful former polder pump house from 1880, in the middle of the park. Jenever is the drink that later became world famous under the name of ‘Gin’, after gaining recognition in the UK.

Brouwerij ’t IJ is a popular brewery situated in an old windmill, at the fringe and right outside of {Javaquarter}. You can taste the homemade beers from the brewery, which they supply to many establishments in the city and beyond. They brew many different beers, like organic beers, seasonal specials, IPA’s, beers specifically brewed for special occasions, and the always available sure shots like ‘Natte’, ‘Zatte’ and ‘IJwit’.


Besides food, the {Javaquarter} also houses many unique {boutiques}, selling lots of work of local designers. Throughout the {Javastraat} you will also find many bazaars (a bit like dollar stores) where you can buy a roller case on a budget, in case the shopping got the better of you and you are shy for luggage space.

There’s a number of clothing and footwear fashion stores in the {Javaquarter}. {The Other Guys} is a men’s fashion store offering a range of unique t-shirts, jackets and Scandinavian sneakers, carefully selected by the owner.

{Div Amsterdam} has two stores in the {Javastraat}, a men’s and women’s version. Both sell watches, jewelry, shoes, gloves, jackets and clothing by brands like Fjällräven, Carhartt and The North Face.

{Meester Schoenmaker Hillie’s} is a master shoemaker craftsman. Bags, belts and shoes are for sale here as well. Besides brands like Timberland, Italian and Portuguese high quality shoes are also available.

In between and after all this shopping, there are numerous coffee places and concept stores to visit. {Hartje Oost} is a coffee boutique with its interior on sale. {Draagbaar} is a concept store and barbershop in one, with a new collection of a fashion designer, illustrator, artist and/or photographer, every season.

{Ashes to Snow} is a barbershop slash design and art gallery, the items that {STØV} are surprisingly affordable and the assortment changes quickly. Ideal for small presents. At {Jansen Vintage} you will find a unique collection of antiques from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.

Freshen up

If you’re planning to visit the Royal Concert Hall or explore the Amsterdam nightlife, be sure to try out the {Javaquarter} amenities for getting all dressed up. Besides {Ashes to Snow} and {Draagbaar} there are many hairdressers for a fair price, spread over the {Javastraat} and the rest of the {Javaquarter}.


{Bahia Beauty Center} also offers waxing treatments, epilation and makeup. You can get your nails done at the {New World Nail Studio}, or get a traditional Thai massage at {Sala Thai Wellness}. Just outside of {Javaquarter}, you will find {Wellness 1926}, a spa complex offering women’s only days, massages and yoga sessions.

For the less fortunate event you may need medicine, on the {Molukkenstraat} you will find the pharmacy {Molukken Apotheek}.

Coffee shops

When in Amsterdam…. There are two coffee shops offering high quality smokeables. Please keep in mind that, unlike the city center, this is a residential area and even though the Amsterdam folk love their smoke, most of that smoking happens in their own homes and children rich locations are typically avoided.

Coffeeshop Warda 2 is located in the {Javastraat} and is known for their own unique brand of hash, while also selling high quality weed buds. {Best Friends} can be found on the {Molukkenstraat} and is a very professional, modern organization.

Local attractions

In the area around {Javaquarter}, there are many fun day trips possible.

{Studio K} is a student-run cinema theater, where they serve coffee, lunch and dinner. They also host parties often.

The {Flevopark} is a hidden gem of Amsterdam. It is a vast and beautifully landscaped park, very green and very spacious, as you wouldn’t expect in the middle of a city. Another benefit is, that on those days where the {Vondelpark} shows more towel coverage than grass, this park will be relatively quiet. The park also houses the abovementioned {’t Nieuwe Diep}, a jenever distillery. In the park you will also find the outdoor swimming pool {Flevoparkbad}. On hot days, this is a tremendously relaxing spot amidst lush green, suitable for families.

The {Tropenmuseum} is situated in a beautiful monumental building. The large museum hosts changing exhibitions telling the stories of mankind worldwide. They also have a children’s museum.

Getting around

{Javaquarter} is very close and well connected to the city center. In only 20 minutes by bike, or 10 by tram, all the main attractions of the city are easily accessible.


Amsterdam and bikes: it’s a thing. Despite the city’s big reputation, in size she is relatively small, making it easy to get from A to B by bike. Please mind the fact that an average Dutchy has grown up riding a bike. They’re used to biking through busy traffic on narrow roads, often maneuvering professionally. As a first time city biker, please be careful.

Keep in mind these 3 tips, and you’ll be ready to go local!
1) Keep right on the road, also on the bike lanes. Ride behind each other in a train, leaving enough space for any overtakers. The locals do not ride their bikes for sightseeing: they’re on a mission. A serious mission.
2) Obey the traffic lights. The locals will not set the right example. Contain yourself and be safe, do not follow them through a red light.
3) When you step off your bike, move to the sidewalk. Do not block the bike lane and the locals will love you for it.

Bike rentals are available in the {Javaquarter} at {Makassarplein} with {De Snelbinder} and at {Timorplein} next to the Stayokay and {Studio K}.

Public Transport

There are two tramlines running through {Javaquarter}: line 3 & 14.

Line 3 departs from the Flevopark and ends at the cultural hot spot Westergasfabriek in Westerpark. It passes through the Museumpark with museums like the Van Gogh Museum, Stedelijk Museum, Rijksmuseum and the Royal Concert Hall.

Tram 14 conveniently stops at {Javaplein} and rides from east to Amsterdam Central Train Station through the city center. It passes by Artis Zoo, the Jewish Quarter, Waterlooplein, Rembrandt Square and Dam Square.

Bus 22 can quickly take you to Amsterdam Central Station and the Red Light District and continues all the way to Sloterdijk Train Station.

Bus 65 runs from KNSM Island through the {Javaquarter} to Station Zuid.

Night bus 289 runs from IJburg to Central Station and stops at {Javaplein} runs all night, every hour on weekdays and every half hour during the weekends.

Schiphol Airport is easily accessible by train from Muiderpoort Station, or by bus 22 or tram 14 to Central Station and by train from there.

Late at night, the best option for getting around is probably Uber, although there are cabs and night buses available as well.